Sunday, September 18, 2011

From Detox to Dharma

It has been said that “Religion is the Opiate for (of?) the Masses.” Appropriate analogy? Opiates initially soothe the soul, but eventually become all-consuming…progressing to Addiction, depravity, destruction and death. It is a fact that more wars have been fought and more blood has been shed in the name of RELIGION, than for any other reason in the history of our planet. Religion tends to label and divide people by their belief in a certain dogma…it divides families, communities, countries & nations. It is EXclusive rather than INclusive.
I believe Spirituality, in contrast, is “the Unity of the Masses.” Essentially INclusive, it UNITES the entire Universe as ONE. It reflects our personal connection, or relationship, with our Higher Power…with our Higher Self, each other, nature, the Universe and all that is divine.

In conclusion, I am unimpressed by Religion and the hypocricy it spreads through the masses like a contagious disease. I am currently engaged in spiritual pursuits, working on deepening my connection with my higher power and my higher self. I am exploring spiritual practices based on Ancient Eastern philosophies such as Buddhism (as a philosophy rather than a religion), meditation, metaphysics, Law of Attraction, and various mantras and teachings of the many spiritual leaders and gurus of India.

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