Thursday, November 24, 2011

This Photo of HipHop's M.V.P. The Game Is Super Dope, But It's Begging For a Caption!

What do you think about Jayceon "Game" Taylor's new Facebook Profile Pic?

A) He is channeling Linda Blair's possessed character in hopes of being cast in new movie "The Exorcist Got Game"

B) This Was His Halloween Photo After Trick-or-Treating With the Kids

C) He getting his Uber-Swag on, rockin color-coordinated contact lenses to match his print tee and kicks.

D) He got gold shavings implanted in his eyes to one-up Weezy's "mouth full of gold" grill & Gucci Mane's Icecream facial tatt
E) He's "A MuthaF*ckin Monstah" (Hear that Kanye?)

Wow I bet y'all peeps can come up with some ill captions or rhymes...step up the flow yo!


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