Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stop Lying, Stop Fronting, Keep it Real

It is stressful, overwhelming and time-consuming to maintain a falsehood. As the deceiver creates an ever-growing elaborate web of lies to support his prior dishonesty or betrayal, he must keep track of all details, dates, places and names so that he is consistent in his story. He often must backtrack to recount events, taking care to sync all his fabrications so that they corroborate and coincide together like jigsaw pieces to an intricate puzzle. If one odd piece of information does not quite fit, the integrity of the entire charade is at stake. To ensure a steady stream of data that flows smoothly in one direction, he must constantly check his words and actions, remember seemingly trivial matter-of-fact statements he has made in the past, and fill in gaps as his web of lies grows larger. He buries himself deeper and deeper with every word he utters. Eventually he will slip up, perhaps fail to cover his tracks, or maybe spout a verifiable “fact” that can be disproved through research, thereby exposing a weakness or inconsistency in his story. As his carefully crafted web of lies unravels, he frantically makes excuses, changes details, throws accusations, places blame…anything to avoid telling the truth. He desperately back-pedals in hopes of plugging up holes, a futile attempt at damage control. Finally confronted with his lies which have been exposed, he can breathe a sigh of relief, let it go, relax and start over fresh. Any sane man would. Or he can deny the truth and evidence before him, and stubbornly stay on his sinking boat and go down with the ship, claiming a victory that he alone believes in. Such is par for the course for the pathetic case of a Pathological Liar. ~ © Lisa Pearlman 1/3/12

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