Sunday, July 15, 2012

Free Your Mind

Expand your your mind... take it to the limit and beyond...we are all Reality Architects - we create our own reality as we make choices and respond to each moment in life... unfortunately many do not know they possess such power over their life...we must believe our choices make a difference in order to exercise them...we must explore the infinite possibilities inherent in the quantum field of pure potentiality...In reality there are no borders...other than those self-imposed by you, ingrained in your mind as self-fulfilling prophecies, the intended result of years of mental slavery, imprisonment in a faulty belief system, a systematic programming of socially desirable traits, thoughts and attitudes... strategically implemented by various social institutions and authority figures during key developmental stages in your life. This indoctrination is aimed at shaping your impressionable, malleable young mind into a mindless, obedient, manageable, and controllable foot soldier...a blind follower dependent on things staying status quo. Fear is especially useful to keep disillusioned people in check...fear paralyzes...fear keeps people down, stuck, immobile so they won't seek change, revolution, improvement or empowerment. That is how society keeps the poor down and stuck in a cycle of helplessness, a life that they accept as their only possible fate. Let go of these self-defeating thoughts, these self-limiting beliefs! Claim the power of choice that is your birthright! Expand your your mind...take it to the limit and beyond...there are no boundaries...release yourself from the bondage of mental never really existed except in your own mind!
Step outside the box...boxes are merely man-made forms...designed to confine, limit and control...They have edges and boundaries, corners that isolate and limit movement, like on a checkerboard.

In contrast, Circles are symbols of Totality, Source, God, Universe. Circles are inclusive, cyclical and divine...Just like the Earth is round, so is the circle of life...Circles are natural...From the moment of conception to the moment of birth we incubate in circularity...the uterus, the amniotic sac, the womb, the fetal position. Upon emergence from our mother's warm, soft womb we are thrown into a cold world full of human constructs of square form...cribs, beds, houses, square-footage, square plots of land, town squares, doors, windows, walls, ceilings, school desks, closets, books, newspapers, magazines, notebooks, TV, movie screens, bureaus, shelves...boxes and more boxes to compartmentalize our lives and our psyche...ending with the man-made box our body is placed in upon our death, lowered 6 feet underground to secure our eternal "resting place," our own personal box to memorialize our life here on Earth. Ironically, death is what frees us, releasing us back into the circle of life, to resume our cyclical journey. The Universe, planets, orbits, cycles of rotation, galaxy patterns...all edges or boundary lines delineating separation of nations or planets. FREE YOUR MIND...and the rest will follow!

© Lisa Pearlman 7/14/12

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