Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bullying: Apathy Gone Viral (Bystander Apathy Revisited)

Familiarity breeds Contempt, as well as Apathy. Apathy is a chronic, contagious, life-threatening disease that spreads quickly and quietly, a progressive plague of epic proportions, striking fear in the hearts of those few who are immune to the effects of its deadening poison. Like a wild fire in the wind, airborne pollutants spewing haphazardly, so are the infectious germs of Apathy out of control, a conflagration of random mutations, growing and multiplying. Without quarantine or containment, "Apathy Gone Viral" breeds and enslaves the ideal host from which Bullies germinate, infect and feed. An ongoing cycle of recontamination ensures a grim prognosis, as Bullying continues to flourish, thrive and victimize. Like the Phoenix rising forth from the ashes, so is the Bully empowered by the smoldering embers of Apathy. Victims are a natural by-product of Apathy, as well. Whether Bully or Victim, each is grown from the same seed. Apathy is the seed, that mutates into Bully or Victim. Apathy is the germ, that must be eradicated from the environment, that human beings must be vaccinated against, in order to put an end to this horrific epidemic called BULLYING. We must arrest this plague before it claims more hearts, minds and lives of our young, promising leaders of tomorrow and benefactors of the future.

© Lisa Pearlman 10/31/12