Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Unconditional Valentine

My "Happy Valentine's Day" Message to my Family, Friends and Followers:

The Enduring and Unconditional Love that defines a true friendship is a precious and rare gift, a blessing beyond compare. Romantic feelings come and go, along with their associated attachments; they are an all-inclusive packaged deal accessorized with costly baggage and personal drama that accumulates exponentially with experience and time. LOVE - REAL LOVE - is pure, unconditonal, transformative, expansive, self-sustaining. A vibration of the highest frequency, LOVE connects us to one another, as well as to the Universal Source; LOVE raises our vibrational frequency to a level of pure consciousness, revealing our core essence and potential as divine beings, creating miracles, transforming possibilities into manifest realities, dissolving negativity and transcending limitation.
So on this day dedicated to the Art of Love, know that you are loved! I LOVE YOU!!!
Thank you for being in my life. <3

© Lisa Pearlman

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Legacy of Love

Live each day like it's your last...it just might be! Your lifetime of choices become your legacy, regardless of the amount of material or length of time you amass during your temporary human experience.

Be authentic in all your actions and interactions...Follow your heart but do so mindfully...Choose Compassion over Apathy...Be Kind to yourself and others...Love Unconditionally...Be Fully Present for all of Life's experiences, accepting all without attaching meaning or preference to any one in particular - Life is a series of sequential moments, each one unique and fleeting; as one passes, another silently follows...Practice Equanimity and Humility in all situations, with the knowledge that This Too Shall Pass...
Above all else, Always DO YOU! Make Choices that enable your experience of Manifest Happiness and lessen your experience of Suffering. YOU are the only one who can choose and control your Thoughts, Attitudes, Feelings and Actions. YOU are the Reality Architect - YOU create your personal Reality!

If you choose wisely and live your life authentically...mindfully...humbly, then there will never be a reason for regret. Do not postpone matters of the heart -they are of the utmost importance...do not leave positive sentiment or loving words unsaid, as you may not get another chance to convey them...do not express negative, hurtful sentiment or criticism as you may never get a chance to apologize...Words wield power...they can never be retracted once uttered...they linger in the mind and heart like a moldy scent...their effects echo for eternity, a repetitive loop of cutting edge sound replayed in one's memory like a broken record.

It's ultimately your choice...why not start creating a Legacy of Love today?

© Lisa Pearlman 1/21/13