Saturday, February 9, 2013

Legacy of Love

Live each day like it's your just might be! Your lifetime of choices become your legacy, regardless of the amount of material or length of time you amass during your temporary human experience.

Be authentic in all your actions and interactions...Follow your heart but do so mindfully...Choose Compassion over Apathy...Be Kind to yourself and others...Love Unconditionally...Be Fully Present for all of Life's experiences, accepting all without attaching meaning or preference to any one in particular - Life is a series of sequential moments, each one unique and fleeting; as one passes, another silently follows...Practice Equanimity and Humility in all situations, with the knowledge that This Too Shall Pass...
Above all else, Always DO YOU! Make Choices that enable your experience of Manifest Happiness and lessen your experience of Suffering. YOU are the only one who can choose and control your Thoughts, Attitudes, Feelings and Actions. YOU are the Reality Architect - YOU create your personal Reality!

If you choose wisely and live your life authentically...mindfully...humbly, then there will never be a reason for regret. Do not postpone matters of the heart -they are of the utmost not leave positive sentiment or loving words unsaid, as you may not get another chance to convey not express negative, hurtful sentiment or criticism as you may never get a chance to apologize...Words wield power...they can never be retracted once uttered...they linger in the mind and heart like a moldy scent...their effects echo for eternity, a repetitive loop of cutting edge sound replayed in one's memory like a broken record.

It's ultimately your choice...why not start creating a Legacy of Love today?

© Lisa Pearlman 1/21/13


  1. Lisa said:

    "Be Kind to yourself and others...Love Unconditionally"

    LOL..........where do you people come from?? Please enlighten me.....thoroughly.......on this process of giving unconditional love?

    For example,if I asked you to loan me 10,000 dollars and sleep with me tonight I can assure you that your own personal perception regarding this overrated emotion would suddenly become "conditional"..........LOL! What one individual may consider love another will label preposterous and vice verse!

  2. Along with all their expensive fees & pompous over-analysis of the human intellect the best psychiatrists and psychologists in the world will never be able to provide what so many crave & long for………the illusion of love! Some suggest the answer to global difficulties is love, but, exactly what is this overrated human emotion? Love is not some wonderful sensation that we simply feel in our hearts or the pit of our stomachs for our enjoyment; rather it’s a full-time job that requires ongoing maintenance & attention. Briefly neglect or ignore this inexorably tiring routine upkeep, even inadvertently, and it could give rise to devastating consequences; often enough it’s a daily roller-coaster ride of deeply complex & confusing emotions.

    Exactly what "distance & degree" of frequency does one need to go to demonstrate their love & affection towards another so as to ensure a relationship, or the world for that matter, remains in a continuous state of bliss? No one could possibly keep someone else content on a daily basis without imposing an impossibly heavy burden upon themselves, insofar, they would be responsible for maintaining the precise degree of mind sapping enthusiasm and energy- in all areas of the relationship- that would enable it to remain in a stable & euphoric state.

    Who takes the initiative to ensure a relationship doesn’t die of boredom? Who’s responsible for the recurrence and quality of the entertainment and whether it turns out to be a great jaunt or a poor one? How often do you send flowers or go out for dinner? And how much do you need to spend on these items so as to reveal your true sense of devotion without being insulting?

    In its early illusory stages infatuated love brings warmth, passion, pleasure, and memorable intimacy; simply being beside one another and sharing an ice-cream cone bought with money found under sofa-cushions was more than enough to bring enormous joy and harmony to a young couple’s hearts. However, this companionship (which is not an illusion but a natural part of being human) that I like to label as youthful naivety, disappears as we slowly evolve into adults after which it is promptly replaced by a dogma of conditions. Success, education, religion, employment, beliefs, yearly income, and status determines whether one is worthy of this illusion.

  3. It simply has limits and some may never discover or be worthy of this overrated emotion due to their obesity, unsightly looks, physical/mental disability, etc. Some folks may quickly dismiss a potential relationship when, from their point of view, it could become too problematic, burdensome, or unrewarding enough to serve their purpose. And, let’s not forget that this wonderful illusion also offers misery, conflict, jealousy, pain, anguish, fear, confusion, deception, and betrayal all for the benefit of having a warm carcass next to you at bedtime that you are responsible for keeping content.

    Furthermore, it’s an unpleasant reality that you may virtually destroy a relationship by loving someone too much, albeit you suffocate it and don’t allow it room to breathe; you also risk being taken advantage of by a spouse who may use your excessively strong devotion for their own selfish designs be it monetary, material, or emotional. On the other hand, contribute what they perceive as too little attention or interest to the relationship and you may find yourself very alone.

    Some bitter individuals express their desire in choosing an obese & unsightly female due to their belief that they work harder on the relationship, are less demanding\ materialistic and much more appreciative\loyal insofar their ability to find another mate is severely impaired. Whereas, a pretty, shapely girl, seems far less sincere towards her commitment as she is quite aware of her ability to attract numerous males, effortlessly, should her needs not be fulfilled.

    With a divorce rate edging towards sixty percent one must wonder who the other successful forty percent are. Of this number, what percentages of couples stay in a loveless & destructive marriage simply for the sake of their children? How many others remain together for financial reasons…………the prospect of being poor and going to battle over material possessions is never a picnic! Additionally, in an effort to appear stable and morally correct in face of the community, some hollow relationships simply continue on grounds of status.

    Ultimately, (and this is important) it’s all an illusion based on each individuals own needs and wants where the degree of love administered, by someone towards another, is continuously adjusted according to the level of profit/benefit that one’s own personal desires, wishes, and expectations are being fulfilled. In the end, how do you cherish/love someone just right? The answer is there are no answers!