Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Unconditional Valentine

My "Happy Valentine's Day" Message to my Family, Friends and Followers:

The Enduring and Unconditional Love that defines a true friendship is a precious and rare gift, a blessing beyond compare. Romantic feelings come and go, along with their associated attachments; they are an all-inclusive packaged deal accessorized with costly baggage and personal drama that accumulates exponentially with experience and time. LOVE - REAL LOVE - is pure, unconditonal, transformative, expansive, self-sustaining. A vibration of the highest frequency, LOVE connects us to one another, as well as to the Universal Source; LOVE raises our vibrational frequency to a level of pure consciousness, revealing our core essence and potential as divine beings, creating miracles, transforming possibilities into manifest realities, dissolving negativity and transcending limitation.
So on this day dedicated to the Art of Love, know that you are loved! I LOVE YOU!!!
Thank you for being in my life. <3

© Lisa Pearlman


  1. Winter bums me out.......big time! Therefore,Lisa,do you think you could hop on a plane and fly to Canada so as to give me one of those"pure unconditional love" hugs........never had one before......it would really pick up my spirits!???

    Since you have no conditions I know you will be coming...........weekends are best for me!

    Cant wait!!!

    : )

  2. Lol!!! Thanks for making me smile Johnny :) What part of Canada do you live in? I have driven to Montreal from Massachusetts before. Yeah, this winter's been a rough one. Thankfully, Spring is around the corner! In the meantime, here is a virtual hug from me to you {{{Hugs}}} Love & Light... Lisa

  3. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.............I don't believe you...........LOL!Plus,I don't recommend you travel to foreign lands to give strangers a hug in the name of an illusory emotion..........lol!BTW,I crush Lydia and her love baloney.I was bored one day and checked out all her brainwashed followers and this led me to you. I have known Lydia since 2004 and I am her biggest nemesis due to my Atheist beliefs but we are friends.I am an original on her political blog...........I love teasing her!

    I live in Toronto,Ontario.

    Remember,Lisa,"Vagaries of perception."