Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Nothing is Ordinary

I happened to be driving home a few mornings ago, around 5:30am, so I seized a rare opportunity to catch the early sunrise.  I noticed, for the first time, a layer of thick white mist or fog hovering over the grass on the farmlands stretching across both sides of this rural road that I drive almost every day.  Of course, I stopped and took a slew of pictures!  It is amazing how photography has opened my eyes to every day little things that I ordinarily miss because I am too busy or preoccupied with thought to notice. 

We function on autopilot so much of the time, unaware of our surroundings, blind to the beauty that exists all around us.  We drive familiar roads mindlessly, by rote, with our minds on everything but what we are experiencing in the present moment.  We are always hurrying to the next destination, using travel as a means to an end, to get from point A to point B. Our minds are always focused on the next task we have to complete, as if life consisted of a series of endless To-Do lists, with items being continually checked off, yet we never catch up with life.  Then eventually life catches up with you, and there is no time left to complete the most important list, your bucket list, the one listing all the experiences you wanted to enjoy just as soon as you "got caught up" in the race of life. 

Lately, I find myself practicing mindfulness daily, ever since I got my iphone and discovered the art of iphoneography.  It is like seeing for the first time!   I have rediscovered the world around me, and guess what?      

Nothing is Ordinary!                                

If we pay attention to details, to the little things, as well as the connections that exist throughout nature and between nature and humanity, we see the Harmony of the Universe, and our role as co-creators of our life and world.  And it is amazing!   Every moment is a spiritual awakening if you stay mindful. And every moment is an opportunity to find beauty as well as create it! 

Thank you to my cyberworld fam for sharing my journey of discovery. I Love y'all! 💜 Shine on! ☀️ Namasté 🙏

© Lisa Pearlman 5/4/14

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