Sunday, September 18, 2011

Suffering Optional: The Power of Thoughts

Life is all about choices. In every moment that I live and breathe consciously, I have options. So why do I needlessly suffer? My empathy and sensitivity allow me (compel me?) to feel the pain and suffering of the world; friends, family, strangers, animals…I develop attachments; I take on and internalize their suffering as my own. I suffer for and with them; my heart aches as if it is connected to their hearts. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, as if I have the weight of the world on my shoulders. So is my “gift” a blessing or a curse? The Law of Attraction says It is neither. I have learned that my suffering is a choice. My choice. Suffering is a state of mind, an option, a chosen emotional response to reality, based on attachment to preferred or desired outcomes. I want what I want, which may not be compatible with WHAT IS. I am my own worst enemy, creating and focusing my attention on thoughts that become “barriers” to my productivity and success. Obsessive thoughts threaten my sanity, health and happiness. If I am lost in my thoughts, I lack Awareness of the present moment. I am essentially in a state of Mindlessness, existing, going thru the motions of living. Most thoughts focus on the past (reminiscing, memories, regrets) or the future (planning, worrying, what ifs), which don’t exist in the NOW. Thoughts create actions, or inaction. Thoughts are powerful…I better be aware and choose my thoughts carefully…be mindful…hmmmm

Hey! Guess what? I get it! NOW is all we really have, isn’t it? This moment is happening right NOW so may as well be in it, right? Here’s my plan…first and foremost I’M DOING ME! I am practicing Mindfulness through meditation and positive affirmations. I am learning to focus my attention on what is happening NOW, choosing positive thoughts, maintaining present moment Awareness. I am making progress, taking baby steps to gain control of my life. I am working on acceptance of WHAT IS, rather than aiming for perfection. I am practicing patience (that elusive virtue trying to live life one moment at a time, slowing down to experience life as it unfolds. Living life on life’s terms. I AM…forever a work in Progress…as we all are…as life is. Perfection is illusory…a lie…but Progress is REAL!
Keep it Real y’all! Thanks for listening to/reading my ramblings on "Blog This!"

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