Sunday, November 20, 2011

I Create, Therefore I Am...

Happiness is a by-product of Creativity, or Creative Process. All Creation is Beauty (whether creator or created, the source or the muse). Happiness can not exist without the creative process, any more than life can exist without the creative process of Breathing. Many creative people such as artists, writers, painters, poets, dancers seem to live in misery. However, in reality, the human condition by default is one of misery and suffering. Through creativity one may transcend humanness, the human aspects of self, mainly the ego, and become self-less. Only through Creativity and Meditation can one who is alive return to the source, merging with the universe and all creation on a vibrational level. At that level there is no misery, no judgments, no that level there is only Harmony, or Oneness. I am You, I am God, I am Universe, I am the vibration of highest frequency, I am LOVE.

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