Friday, December 9, 2011

Do You Have the Attitude of Gratitude

I accidentally deleted my Thanksgiving post from 11/24/11, so I am RePosting it. I am GRATEFUL I had it saved elsewhere! (Thanks "Evernote")

Hey fam! HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and yours! May we all be blessed with a day of Abundance surrounded by our friends or family and filled with peace, love, light and of course Gratitude. Gratitude. Such a simple word to convey so much meaning. Studies have shown time and again that Gratitude is the one essential feeling state necessary for Happiness. You may not have EVERY THING you ever wanted, chances are you do not, but to experience Gratitude, and in turn, Happiness, you must at least recognize the miracle of abundance in some aspect of your life. Rather than pining for what you DON'T have, acknowlege that you WANT some of what you DO have. Hence, in order to experience True Happiness it is important to cultivate a feeling of Gratitude, or "Attitude of Gratitude." How? Start by taking a few quiet minutes to yourself today to really experience Gratitude in the Now. This can be done in many ways...count your blessings, make a gratitude list, do a gratitude meditation, offer blessings to others, pray for world healing or an individual's recovery, or simply treat everyone with compassion and kindness. Make this practice part of your daily routine, ideally at the start of your day or before you retire at the end of your day. Seize "GRATITUDE Moments" through-out the day...while in the shower or in line at the bank, during the morning commute, while waiting for the bus...quick mental reminders or affirmations that arouse a feeling of Gratitude can be squeezed into any spare minute of the day. After a month of Gratitude Practice, evaluate your level of Happiness. Do you notice any difference(s) in your life? Let me know! I would love to hear some feedback from you, whether it be on this post, or a previous one. Please leave your comments! I appreciate and value your input, in addition to your readership! Happy Thanksgiving! ~ Lisa @Scorpiol13

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