Wednesday, May 30, 2012

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Dream Big -- Live Loud -- Love With Abandon

Let's Start a Revolution

The world needs Change. There is no question about that. The "Whys" are obvious and numerous. We can argue back and forth about the "What" since people's values and priorities may differ based on their quality of life. But the million dollar question that keeps politicians, activists and anyone who truly cares about the state of our planet up at night is "How?" HOW do we affect change? HOW do we implement change of any real substance or staying power (longevity.) To quote The Beatles: "You say you want a Revolution? Well you know, we all want to change the world."
A Revolution does not have to be marked by chaos, violence and power. Silence can be Revolutionary. Love can be Revolutionary. Spirituality can be Revolutionary. We must find peaceful, non-violent means to revolutionize and change things in this world, to change the status quo so as to improve life conditions for anyone living a sub-standard life (i.e. homeless, poverty, no medical care, unemployment, no clean water, hunger etc.) as well as ensure the humane treatment of all God's creatures, man or animal. Remember, the Change Begins With Me and You. An internal revolution of thought and spirit must take place within each one of us before we can make any significant changes affecting the outside world. Each of us operates at a state of consciousness, awakened by our stage of spiritual evolution at the time. Although many of humanity live their life unconsciously most of the time, we, as members of the human race, as human beings, are surely evolving as both enlightened individuals and as a collective consciousness on Earth. Our inner transformation is reflected in the world we live in, through our thoughts, ideas, words, and actions that represent our unity of purpose on a spiritual as well as a global level. The Revolution has begun...get with the program and be a part of One Love - One World. WE are surely the Ones We Have Been Waiting For...
c. Lisa Pearlman 5/29/12

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Love is Pure Consciousness

Love is all that is real ... Pure consciousness ... When you tune into the vibrational energy of the Universe you are tuning into the highest vibratory frequency there is ... the same wavelength that Love vibrations travel along ... a continuum of Consciousness ... At this level there is only Harmony - there is only the divine and holy trinity of Love/Universe/Consciousness that exists at this highest vibrational frequency. © Lisa Pearlman 3/28/12 (Photo credit - unknown source on WWW)