Monday, December 31, 2012

My "Happy New Year" Message

HAPPY NEW YEAR my dear friends and global family:

As we reflect on the passing year and anticipate a fresh beginning in 2013, let us allow our own true essence to shine, as well as embrace one another's inherent Divinity and Innocence. There is a simple solution to a complex multitude of problems. Be kind to one another...Treat others how you want to be treated...Give Unconditional Love freely and be receptive to Unconditional Love...Forgive yourself and others...Let Go of past mistakes. May 2013 usher in a new era based on our Commonality rather than our Differences, our Strengths rather than our Weaknesses, and our Unity rather than our Division. May this (R)Evolutionary Quickening, or Planetary Awakening as One, inspire more people to embrace their divine nature and reflect the qualities they espouse and expect in others. Only through balance of word and deed, will we transcend the hypocrisy inherent in a judgmental society. May the recent planetary shift in Awareness raise the vibrational level and collective consciousness of the masses accordingly to meet the mounting challenges of a rapidly growing population in a self-destructive world of depleting resources. May the prospects of a New Beginning inspire more people to "Be The Change," to help their fellow Earthlings, human or animal, whenever possible, to feel gratitude for what is often taken for granted, and "Pay it Forward" in kind with Love and Compassion for All Sentient Beings... For we are all ONE.
In fact, We are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For.
One World ~ ♥ One Love Eternal ♥
~ Namasté
Wishing you moments of Peace, Love, Light & Laughter every day of your life! I LOVE YOU! ~ Lisa

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